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Maywufa Healthcare Group, 2019 online joint investor conference


Maywufa Healthcare Group, 2019 online joint investor conference

1.Date of the investor conference: 2019/09/18
2.Time of the investor conference: 14:00-15:30
3.Location of the investor conference: Online investor conference
4.The video link website:

5.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference:

Maywufa Corporation(Stock code
Maywufa was founded in 1976 and has been profitable for 40 years. It was the only one hairdressing industry that had been selected as Taiwan's top 100 brands. We have hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and series of products, and constructed the whole value chain included R&D, manufacturing and marketing activities. In addition, we sell the plant new drug of Phytohealth and the innovative medical devices of AmCad, and we are the exclusive distributor of several International corporations. The management team will explain the company's strategy and the future business development situation in this investor conference.

Phytohealth Corporation(Stock code
Phytohealth is the first R&D based new drug company listed in Taiwan.
Its PG2 is the firstbotanical new drug that had been approved by TFDA.
PG2 is the first and only prescription drug for the treatment of
”Cancer-related fatigue ”syndrome in the world.
Phytohealth factory had been awarded the TFDA Certificate as Asia's first
PIC / S GMP plant for producing botanical drug API.
Phytohealth had received numerous national innovation awards including the Taipei Biotech Prize.
The management team will update the R&D and business development
status during the upcoming investor conference.

AmCad Biomed Corporation(Stock code
AmCad Biomed Corporation, combined with artificial intelligence technology, specializes in R&D of high threshold and high-end medical device, has several products of commercialization, to provide early diagnosis of cancer technology to achieve early treatment goals, and continue to explore the unmet medical clinics diagnostic requirements. We already had six me first products , four had got FDA and CE Mark , AmCad UT had also got CFDA, it has been extended to major hospitals in China.
The management team will explain company's development strategy and update the R&D situation in this investor conference.

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