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AmCad BioMed Corporation


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10-minute detection system for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)


AmCad BioMed launches disruptive medical device: 10-minute detection system for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

In recent years, AmCad BioMed has moved from medtech startup to the leading expert in medical Artificial Intelligence innovation.  By merging their professional clinical experience with top AI development techniques, AmCad is tackling key unmet medical needs, including a world’s first ultrasound based obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) detection system, AmCAD®-UO.  

According to a recent survey, around one billion people in the world are estimated to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and it’s suggested up to 80% of cases remain undiagnosed. The most common method used to diagnose sleep apnea is a polysomnography (PSG), which requires an overnight stay at a sleep center. However, the limited availability of sleep tests has led to long waiting times. In general, the queue for sleep center test takes months to a half year. The limitation of current testing method has led to a large percentage of undiagnosed patients and increased the burden of disease among the global population.

While PSG helps diagnosing sleep disorder through physiological index overnight, AmCAD®-UO provides efficient anatomical OSA detection for awake patients within 10 minutes. With laser-guided positioning, AmCAD®-UO can precisely scan upper airway and analyze the gap between normal breathing and Müller Maneuver (to mimicking snoring). AmCAD®-UO system standardizes ultrasound transducer scanning to make the assessment more consistent and avoids operator variations. 

“AmCAD®-UO offers 10-minute detection for obstructive sleep apnea on awake patients, helping doctors to evaluate the root cause of sleep apnea and offers assessment for moderate/severe OSA patients." said Yili Lee, president of AmCad BioMed.  "Which can be a solution for long waiting time for sleep centers and offer a cost-effective method for sleep apnea detection. The system can benefit billions of OSA patients. " The president further pointed out "Through our patented laser-guided system, intra-observer variability is largely reduced. Moreover, the automated scanning procedure is able to create the image of upper airway 3D reconstruction and assists doctors' assessment for extended applications, which helps the evaluation of different treatments."

In April 2019, AmCad BioMed was invited to SARC Sleep Workshop in Singapore to present AmCAD®-UO at the conference and gained the attention of sleep experts from around the world. In addition, Director of Stanford Sleep Medicine Center also proposed a clinical study collaboration which will utilize AmCAD®-UO.  Most importantly, “AmCAD®-UO has been approved by US FDA 510(k) and CE Mark.  AmCAD®-UO is expected to become the world’s indispensable diagnostic tool for obstructive sleep apnea” President Yili said confidently.
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